Yo Soy! Vegan Eatery

Yo Soy! Vegan Eatery
Project Type
Project Year
Programs Used
Illustrator + Photoshop + Procreate + After Effects + Premiere
Silver - The 45th CADC Awards Show

Strictly Vegan. 

Strictly You.

Being vegan is a blessing and a curse. I love Taco Bell, but I hate getting a dollop of sour cream on a taco when I simply asked for none. With that, I wanted to solve that issue through my senior thesis, Yo Soy! Vegan Eatery. Yo Soy! is a strictly vegan fast casual chain that specializes in Spanish/Central American cuisine. I took this chance to show a bit of my Nicaraguan background through food, as well as show as many skills as I could throughout the brand — motion, packaging, UX/UI design and more.

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