Hi, it is I — a graphic designer with a confusing name; Z works for short!

I’m a recent Hartford Art School Alum with a BFA in Graphic Design. I’m simultaneously working as a freelance designer, a bassist/vocalist in a national touring metal band, and consistently drinking the darkest roast of coffee I can get my hands on (and probably not finishing it).

Storytime: At a young age, I was lucky enough to work with a badass ad agency that changed my mindset on design forever. Since then — I’ve learned about all the TED Talks, the graphic design visionaries, the IBM logo, Futura; you know, all the good stuff. I went from designing for friends' bands to not only polishing my design skills/style but also gained some leadership skills in university. While I love working at my station and *doing my thing* — I also get a kick out of helping fellow designers and leading a team to creative success and problem solving whenever I get the chance.

Things I’m good at: I can confidently say I’m a well-rounded designer with skills in branding/identity design, packaging, motion, art direction, and more. With a background in advertising and traveling the world with music/designing in the band's bus from a young age, I’ve been able to establish an eclectic client base over the course of 7 years and gain tons of experience along the way. My work varies from high-end corporate identity within pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim to gritty art direction for my band and bands alike, as well as everything in between — logos, liqueur labels even though I’m straightedge, you name it. I strive to help people find solutions to problems — making it as fun of an experience as possible through fun design and the occasional movie quote or coffee conversation.
and now that you know a lil' bit about me —

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